High Tech - Cutting Edge Equipment for Anti-Aging

Non Invasive Facelift (SRS)

NEW Skin Remodeling System

Aging is thinning skin, muscle atrophy & bone loss. SRS is engineered to address all three of these issues, redensifying the skin, tightening the underlying muscles and rebuilding structural facial bone.

The result is a fuller, firmer, lifted skin... in only 40 minutes!

Price List:

  • Single Session $150 (40 minutes)

  • Course of 10 $1300, save $200

M-Pen Skin Needling  $399

How does M-Pen Work?

M-Pen is a non-surgical tool that treats ageing, wrinkles and drooping skin. Unlike other anti-ageing treatments, M-Pen has no downtime or side effects and gives better results than laser resurfacing, dermabrasion at a fraction of the cost!


We are all equipped with a healing response to injury. The skin responds to injury by stimulating the fibroblasts to make more healthy Collagen and Elastin. The skin becomes thicker, younger and tighter, wrinkles are minimised and scarring improved.


M-Pen performs micro punctures per into the skin, thus stimulating the skins healing response without damaging the surface.


These micro channels allow professional only sterile cocktails of active substances to penetrate the Dermis further stimulating your fibroblasts to produce youthful collagen and elastin fibres as well as creating a softer plumper surface.



"I believe the skin's surface is extremely important, not only to skin beauty but also skin health.

M-Pen gets my tick of approval for major anti-ageing results without damage." -


Simone Rose