I left school early and went straight into beauty school. By 17 I was a fully qualified beauty therapist

and electrologist.
In salon I was a hard worker, keen to learn and build up a loyal clientele. I loved pampering my

clients and making them feel good.

When it came to actual physical results, I became frustrated, as I did not have the knowledge or the tools to help women transform.

After 10 years the frustration took over. I lost the love and headed off into the world of Beauty


One of my favourite jobs was running an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) clinic. I was
seeing results so was able to look my client in the eyes and tell them exactly what to expect.
They were happy and I was happy. Along came Lumologie my absolute favourite lymph
drainage machine for cellulite and fluid retention. I was fully booked every day with IPL and was good.


And then came Ella, my precious baby girl.

Simone Rose
Simone's daughter Ella

The salon pretty much died overnight without me there,

so much so that my boss wanted to cut his losses and sell up.

I got so upset that this clinic that I had worked so hard in and built so many relationships in was going to be sold...So I bought it!


I moved it to the bustling streets of Takapuna and before long was frantically busy and excited
about my little business. Along the way I had come across this Organic Skincare line Janesce. I
dismissed it at first, but a girlfriend insisted (thank you Carol Weaver) I attend their 3 day
training at Lox Spa in Tauranga. It was there that I met my skin guru Janine Tait. I sat in training
absolutely bewildered at what I was learning. It was science!

Janine broke down every layer of the skin and even the layers between. She didn't just teach me what skin care to use but also what food to eat, what supplements to take, what exercise to do!
We would start every day with yoga then be served “skin food”. We studied and ate skin food for 3 days so I came home detoxed, a head full of skin and wellbeing knowledge and a reignited passion for skin care again. I promptly took on the whole range and expanded my business to include the most luxurious facials and after completing all levels of a Janesce training I could now offer results for seriously sick skins.


After only a few months at the new Takapuna premises my little girl was diagnosed with Autism. It was a real shock and all I wanted to do was be with her. But I'd just signed a 2 year lease so I had to dig deep, find the strength and help my daughter while making my business successful.


One of my long time and lovely clients Kathy Mitchell put me onto Dr. Leila Mason who said, “If you put 100% into this Ella will be able to cope with ‘regular school’ when she turns five.


That was it, I had 3 years. I started Bio Medics which is high doses of certain minerals like zinc, magnesium etc. I had her tested for Aluminum and results showed she was full of it so I literally did a 12 month heavy metal detox using homeopathic drops and loads of Vit C. I turned into that crazy mum researching madly on line and reading all the books on autism to find that cure I so desperately needed.


Then I found it: GUT HEALTH!


We see the mental effects in their behaviour, but a lot of the problem stems from their gut. All these children on the spectrum have gut issues! Once I figured this out I was living, gluten free, dairy free, colour free, no additives, zero chemicals in the house etc. The progression was obvious and exciting; my daughter was healing.


I attended a Wellness Weekend for Advanced Skin Analysis and the focus was on the GUT!

It was then that I connected the dots. Gut Health = Mental Health but also Gut Health = Skin Beauty!

In conclusion, my passion is to pamper women, to literally spoil them when they are in my presence and I look at the whole picture when it comes to beauty results.. Simone Rose your Holistic Beauty Therapist.

The Rose Family
Simone in her salon

So its time for me again. Time to unleash my passion for pampering and creating beautiful skin. Time to share my knowledge about food and its link to skin, health, weight and happiness.


My journey so far arrives here: I am 41 years old, fitter and healthier than I've been my whole life. My passion to prove that I can improve your skin and your body is insatiable. I have a beautiful salon, the purest potent products and a head full of knowledge.


To achieve  beautiful youthful skin and relieve stress come and see me.