Genetics or Excuses?

I am overweight, it's genetic..............

I can't get rid of my eczema, it's genetic..........

Yeah my skin is ageing fast, it's genetic........

No More Excuses, I have the science to prove YOU CAN CHANGE IT!

Genetics = Genes we have inherited.......DNA

We regular people understand that we are stuck with the genes we have inherited, good and bad and accept it as fact.

To a degree that is true.


I recently learnt about Epi-Genetics and it's very exciting!

Epi = Means above........... I like to think it's the boss of DNA.

Epigenetics is the discovery that while we may inherit good or bad tendencies to things like physical beauty, weight gain and illness, this doesn't mean they will come to fruition.

Using epigenetics we can control our DNA to either switch on the negative gene or put it to sleep. Yes!

The body uses proteins that can squeeze shut the DNA so it can't be read and reproduced, therefore ending the negative genetic inheritance.

How can we control epigenetics?


It's all about daily choices...........

Do you choose to exercise or not to exercise?

Do you choose to go to sleep at 9:30pm or 11:30pm?

Do you choose to include salads, veggies, good fats and proteins in your diet or do you choose carbs, fruits and sugary snacks?

Do you choose to constantly berate your self internally about not being good enough, or do you choose to reward yourself with kind thoughts and positive affirmtions?

Liffestyle choices is how you control DNA................ it doesn't have to control you.

Let me guide you on a journey to switch off your unwanted DNA, useing specific nutrients, moderate exercise, scrummy recipes and skin care advice.

Beauty tip:

A calm person burns fat, while a stressed person stores fat.

Try not to rush your food. Have quiet time when you eat your 3 main meals. Give your body time and peace to take in the food, register it has been fed and start digestion.

And NO liquids at meal time. It dilutes the enzymes which are needed

to digest the food to provide you with energy, health and beauty.

Thank you,

Simone Rose

#helath #wellness #beauty

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