The Fat on Stress

Today I would like to share with you another lane we need to take into consideration when we are preparing our body for optimal fat burning.

Adrenalin is our Short Term Stress Hormone.

This is built into us to save our lives when we are in danger......for example.

Imagine, you are huddled down behind a bush waiting for the perfect moment to spear tonights dinner, then from out of nowhere a bear attacks your prey and devours it right there in front of you.

Your heart starts racing and thumping inside your chest.

What do you do?

Do you stay and fight for you dinner? (ha ha nope)


Do you take flight running as fast as your little legs will go to get as far away as possible.

What just occurred in your body is 'adrenalin production'.

Blood is diverted away from your digestive system and concentrates itself in your arms and legs so you can run fast and get out of danger.

Your liver and muscles convert glycogen back into sugar and dump it into your blood to give you quick access to calories/energy to increase your chance of escape.

And then it's gone and you're exhausted but hopefuly safe.

Isn't the human body amazing!!


We genrally don't spend our days hunting food, harvesting grain or expending huge amounts of physical energy.

Unfortunately these days our adrenalin is produced through psycological stress, like hundreds of unread emails, missed calls, a stressful job or an ungreatful boss etc.

All these situations will create adrenalin telling your body it is in danger.

So while you sit on your bottom stressing out, your blood is diverted away from your digestive system.

Meaning: Food will not be digested. It will be stored.


A truck load of glycogen will be converted back into sugar and dumped in your blood.

You are now ready to sprint for your life or attack the threat.

But you don't.

You stay sitting on your bottom, heart pounding away, and get the job done.

In conclusion.

Stress = Stored Food + Sugar Dump

Double whammy fat loss negative.

Can you see how Fat Loss isn't just about what you eat?

Face it 2016 is busy, it's stressful, you need to prioritise chill time, pamper time, girly chats and include things in your life that build you up.

I like to put my feet up and study our amazing bodies and search for fun new workouts with my favourite music on in the background. I like to dissappear for hours by myself, going for walks, sipping my decaf and running into the ocean. It's so peaceful having time to yourself.

Most of all, I love deep tissue massage and facials. They knock me into a sleepy, happy, slower paced world where my stress seeps away and my adrenals heal.

What do you do to relax?

Remember it's not a luxury anymore, it's a necessity for health, for happiness and for optimal fat burning.

On that note, I will remind you of my amazing massage skills and my super restorative 'take you to another world' facials.

I guarantee you will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and happy with the ignited ability to burn fat at your bodies optimul rate.

Take Care,

Simone Rose

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