To Die For xo

Funny that I'm sending you my "chocolate heaven iceream" recipe when it's pouring outside. But I'm still going to scoff it.........

I've been having this little beauty after dinner. It is so indulgent and you definately can't tell it's healthy.

It's loaded with skin loving waist slimming goodies and only take minutes to whip up............



1-2 frozen bananas chopped

1/4-1/2 cup unsweetenend coconut milk

1 Tbs cacoa powder

1 tbs cacao almond crush

Cacao nibs to srinkle on top

Pop all ingredients in a food processor or nutri bullet and blast.

Chocolate Sauce

Equal amounts coconut oil, cacao powder & maple syrup.

Melt gently then pour desired amount on top of ice cream.

Sooooo Goooood!!!

Enjoy Ladies,

Love your Healthy Skin xx

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