Is This a Raw Treat Blog?

Hello lovely people.

Even though I have a head full of beauty & wellness knowledge I will always provide what you want.

And what you want is my latest recipe :)

First of all please let me explain why most of my raw treat recipes end up as slices.


Slices are the fastest way to prepare raw treats, as all you do is mix ingredients in a bowl, tip it into a tray, squash it flat then throw it in the fridge.

Compare that to rolling balls or forming cute cookies..........who has time for that?

Also, here's my five cents.

If I can make a slice in 10 minutes, so can you.

Five more cents...

If it's in the fridge you will eat it. If it's not YOU WILL EAT CHOCOLATE.

I had to create a really rich, slightly sickening treat that doesn't cost a fortune for when those crazy cravings hit.

So here you go...


*1 cup melted coconut oil

**1 cup almond meal

2 cups popped popcorn or millet puffs or 50/50

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

1/2 cup ***dried fruit - I used ^dates and goji berries

1/3 cup runny honey

1/2 cup cacoa powder

1tsp vanilla

*If you can't afford extra virgin, cold pressed, just buy what you can afford. It's still 100% better than butter!

**Best deal by far, Pak n Save, baking aisle.

***Sulphite Free or you get gas.....gas equals food isn't being digested.

^I chose dates as they are low Glycemic Index which means the sugars are released slowly so you don't get an insulin spike.


Combine, tip into a baking dish and pop in fridge till set.

Store in fridge.

Enjoy xxxox

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