20 Years in Beauty

Hi Ladies

Wow this September I will have been a Beauty Therapist for 20 years!

That's a lot of experience under my belt don't you think?

I feel so fortunate to have my own Unique "Organic" Beauty Business.

By viewing the treatments and ranges on my menu, you can truly see where my passion lies:

Anti Ageing - Skin Health - Slimming - Detox all Naturally of Course.

Over my 20 years in the beauty industry I have acquired a wealth of knowledge I enjoy educating you with. Many of you who are regular clients will know I use a completely different approach to the typical "commercial" salons.

Having spent a number of years in high-end spas and salons (before opening my own) I soon realised they put profit and marketing before results. And often use harsh techniques that never really "heal" or rejuvenate your skin.

That's why I'm different and I love it!

And since beauty and health education is an ever-evolving process, just wait until I share my new Blog series on your gut and the digestive link to beauty. I already was confident of this connection but new material I have been researching will change your outlook completely!

So Let's Celebrate!

Watch This Space for:

  • 20 Year Anniversary Packages

  • New Products

  • Blog: Digestion series "Your Gut and it's Link to Beauty."

  • Give-Aways

September I will be releasing "20th Anniversary Packages" so you can treat yourself to all of my treatments at a special rate.

Lets share the love.

Please share this Blog with all your dear friends and family

you think will benefit from this information

Finally, please let me humbly take this opportunity to say thank you to my many wonderful and loyal clients that have been with me for a long time- some over a decade! Some of you have followed me from my first salon at Holistic Health in Albany.

I also want to thank my new clients who have begun their journey at Simone Rose and put their trust in my healing hands (as my husband's 86 year old gran calls them).

Have a magical day xxxxx

Simone Rose

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