and I'm OFF!!!

Many of you know I'm attending a two day Holistic Journey conference at the gorgeous Waters Edges Rowing Club this weekend in Tauranga.

A stunning setting to inspire learning.

I'm super excited and of course a wee bit nervous.

I will be the early bird sitting in the front row ready to absorb every single treasure of beauty knowledge that I can impart to you, my special ladies.

Topics covered are:

  • Inspire clients Health & Beauty by modelling a healthy holistic lifestyle.

  • Caring for clients as a whole clients to make positive lifestyle changes.

  • The power of social media.


  • Live cooking demonstrations by healthy foodie & chef Sheryl Nicholson.

  • Then it's my turn to shine...

  • I will be speaking in front of 100+ therapists. I will be inspiring them by showing before & after photos of 3 of my clients with skin disorders and how I approached it holistically and organically (internal & external) which lead to amazing results...a happy client & over joyed therapist!

Throughout all of this I will be nourished on Bestow Skin Food & Bestow Treats which will help to keep me fueled and focused on the imparted beauty wisdom.

Bestow Treats!

I am also taking this opportunity to rejuvenate and heal as part of my holistic beauty. I have booked myself an executive sweet with a Jacuzzi at the Stunning Hotel on Devonport which looks out onto the waterfront!!

So, I'm going to scoff homemade coleslaw with bestow dressing, hummus and buckwheat crackers then it's bon-voyage.

See you all soon :-)

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