Results that go beyond the skin’s surface...

DP Dermaceuticals

  • Hylafuse Complex

  • Power Peptides

  • Multi Vitamins

  • Potent Anti Oxidants

  • Organic Botanicals

What is Hylafuse Complex?

Three molecular sizes of Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic Acid is well know for it's intense hydration and plumping of the surface layers.

DP Dermaceuticals have created a patented hyaluronic complex with three different sized molecules to saturate three different skin layers.

Dermis: Anti-Ageing Zone

Epidermis: Beauty Zone

Surface: Glow

Saturating all three layers results in a younger, firmer skin.

Hylafuse Complex is in every DP Dermaceuticals product!

DP Dermaceuticals offers Four Active Serums meticulously crafted with age-defying, rejuvenating and replenishing correctives. Including power peptides, multi-vitamins, potent antioxidants with organically sourced botanicals.

You know how fussy I am. When was the last time I took on a whole range?

It was 10 years ago when I found Janesce :-)

I started using the Hyla Active (Hylafuse Complex) and Antioxidant Cocktail which is loaded with Vitamin C and all of you have been telling me how good my skin looks. Next week I will add in Retinal Active an intense fusion of Vitamin A.

DP Dermaceuticals even has a cleanser and exfoliant that meets my standards!

I have never let another cleanser into my salon and exfoliant was always a bad word.

But let me tell you, science and respect for all three layers pictured above have won me over... AND some of you know I've always been cautious of Vitamin A... but DP Dermaceuticals have performed a miracle and turned my concern into excitement!

I will show case all 8 products over the next few weeks so you can see why I'm so dam excited!


DP Dermaceuticals has been specifically designed to work with Dermapen.

Now I can combine these age defying products created by leading dermatologists and doctors with the needling benefits of Dermapen.

This is the first range developed specifically to be needled into the skin.

All of this build up leads me to introduce my newest treatment...

LA FACE LIFT: $399.00

Using DP Dermaceuticals and Dermapen together I can tighten the

  • Face

  • Neck

  • Eye area... closer to the eye than you ever thought possible!

  • Chest

  • Scalp - Masterclass Therapists Only

  • Back of Neck - Masterclass Therapists Only

...for an ultimate skin re-densifying face lift.

*Recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and ME! (Simone Rose 2018 Certified Dermapen Masterclass)

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