The world’s Leading Depigmentation Treatment!

You asked, I listened and now its here!


The world’s Leading Depigmentation Treatment!

By our new favourite brand Mesoestetic...

Solar Lentigo & Lifting

The Cosmelan method is designed to:

  • Eradicate dark patches from the skin.

  • Prevent reappearance at every angle.

  • Serious Lifting & Firming.

Cosmelan treats all types of pigmentation caused from excess melanin such as freckles, melasma, chloasma and lentigo solaris.

This means that is covers sun damage, hormonal pigmentation, darkening of the skin caused by cosmetic treatments like waxing & dermabrasion or laser burn. It also removes age spots!!!

As well as removing dark patches caused by excess melanin, the treatment also brightens firms and lifts the skin...YES!

See before & after photos.

For more info email me -

All interested clients must have a 15 minute consultation with Simone Rose either in salon or over the phone before a Cosmelan treatment can be booked.

You can thank me later ;-)


90 day transformation - Blue Light
90 Day Transformation - Sun Damage, Lifting & Firming

Sun Damage & Age Spot

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