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Hello Ladies

I've been aware for a few years now, the negative impact that un-balanced hormones have on women's energy, beauty & confidence.

My personal journey started 10 years ago with hormonal acne. It developed when Ella was diagnosed and also at the same time I started having crazy heavy periods. I never connected the dots...

Luckily my training with Janesce taught me the liver and gut are responsible for flushing excess hormones, so I was able to slowly heal my skin by detoxing and nurturing these organs. It was a lot of work but I was determined.

My knowledge now, tells me I had an excess of oestrogen and stress hormones circulating in my blood stream as well as a lack or progesterone. Excess oestrogen can cause weight gain, fluid retention, sore boobs, exhaustion and acne. A lack of Progesterone can cause crazy heavy painful periods, major PMS symptoms and fluid retention. Sadly I had all of these things.

Back then before BePure I had to sort it the hard way.

But this is now and I'm excited to introduce BePure capsules by Ben Warren, NZ's most renowned clinical nutritionist. He has created supplements specifically to balance women's hormones.

I have been referring clients to BePure for the last three years until December when I was approved to be a stockist!

Symptoms your hormones are out of whack are:

Stubborn Weight Gain

Fluid Retention

Disrupted Sleep



How Flushes

Acne or Back Acne

Irregular Periods

Heavy Periods

One product I'm especially excited about is Menocalm, as I know most of you are dealing with pre, present or post menopause and suffering hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings and disrupted sleep. Get it sorted and live more comfortably I say. So many conversations I have with you in salon come down to hormones. Finally I can help :-)

A quick rundown of the products I'll be stocking to begin with:

Estroclear for stubborn weight gain, fluid retention or acne... my fav.

Cycle Calm for chronic stress & anxiety, PMS, periods that are heavy, painful, clotting or irregular.

Menocalm for menopause symptoms.

If you're not sure, or you want to dig deep into your hormonal health I bring you the

Eve Wellness Complete Test which offers you comprehensive hormone testing at home. This comprises of a saliva and urine test done at home, then it gets picked up by a courier and taken to Hastings where it is analysed by laboratory scientists.

You will learn your natural hormone levels and what this means. You will also receive advice on adjustments to make to your diet and lifestyle as well as what BePure supplements will specifically help you.

So.. have I got you covered???

Yes I think so!

It so easy...just few capsules a day :-)

Click on the product names for more info and to purchase.

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