Prana+Therapy is a remedy which is anti-bacterial and so much more!!

It's your natural hand sanitiser, it calms skin irritations including burns, rashes, bites and stings. It is antiseptic and it even calms your nervous system... ahhhh we can all do with a bit of that at the moment.


Through diffusion Prana+Therapy neutralises pathogens and yes it can

be used to clean and sanitise surfaces such as cutting boards, kitchen surfaces and handles.


I use Prana+ Therapy to clean the salon and salon equipment. I pop some on my eyebrows after tweezing and it immediately takes the heat out of my skin. I keep a bottle in all my bathrooms to hydrate hands after washing and you betcha i have one in my handbag and car since the Covid 19 outbreak.


I use it on a cotton pad to clean the pets eye area and if anyone in the family gets a scratch or cut (including the animals) they get a dose too.


If someone is sick I put it in the diffuser to clean the air in the bedroom while they sleep.


I absolutely hate hand sanitser, it dries out my skin and i just know the smell can't be good for me.

You know me I will always look for the purest, strongest form of.... anything and now FINALLY I am able to get it in retail size for YOU!!!

Prana+ Therapy 50ml

    • Chemical preservatives 
    • Animal derivatives
    • Petro-chemicals 
    • Synthetic fragrances 
    • Artificial colors
    • Triethanolamine
    • PABA & EDTA
    • GMOs
    • Sulphates
    • Harsh detergents 
    • Parabens