A hydrating serum containing therapeutic botanicals and a generous amount of hyaluronan to plump and smooth the skin. It is formulated for women 40+ to re-energise and revitalise the skin. Liquid oxygen encourages microcirculation, sage provides natural hormonal support for the skin and silk provides a beautiful, finely textured film to seal in the botanical actives. A powerfully healing, hydrating and energising serum for mature skin.


“This serum contains more hyaluronan than any other product in the entire Janesce range”
~ Jan Smith, Founder of Janesce Skincare

Lavender - Nature's Balancer

Hyaluronan - Plant-based Skin Plumper

Rose - Nature's Feminiser

Sage - Nature's Hormonal Support

Ginseng - Nature's Anti-oxidant

Myrhh - Nature's Soothing Tonic


The majority of plants in Janesce Skincare products are grown, harvested and extracted at Claret Ash Farm – an organic, biodynamic garden in the Adelaide Hills of Australia.


Suitable For: mature skin, 40+

No nasties, no worries, cruelty free.


avender hydrosol, (lavender), glycerine, stabilised liquid oxygen, panax ginseng tincture (ginseng), silk proteins, sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), xanthan gum, pinus mugo turra var, pumilio (siberian pine oil), commiphora erythraea (myrrh essential oil), glyceryl cocoate, sorbitan laurate, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexlglycerin.

Silk proteins in Janesce Skincare products are ethically sourced.

Ethylhexylglycerine and phenoxyethanol are preservatives that are used in very low concentrations in some Janesce skincare products. They were chosen because they score very favourably on the EWG (Environmental Working Group) Cosmetic Ingredient Safety Database.

Re-Energising Ageless Serum