Chemicals In Your Gut?

August 23, 2016

Hello Ladies


If you have been following my recent Blogs, you will understand the direct connection between:

~Gut health & Beauty


Many of you are aware once my daughter Ella (nearly Eight years ago now) was diagnosed

with Autism I did a lot of research into gut health to heal my baby girl.


I learnt the effect that our regular household cleaning products we use day in and day out, were destroying my families good bacteria and damaging our immune system. I promptly biffed everything out and replaced them with the lovely Eco Store products and I've never looked back.



Please know I'm not trying to scare you. 

The purpose of this post (and my Blog) is to increase your holistic knowledge to health and beauty, so you can make informed decisions next time you purchase cleaning & hygiene products for your household :-)


I am seeing a lot of skin disorders these days and as I consult, I find out the client also has sinus issues and of course gut issues.


Let me highlight what is happening to you and your families health when you use common cleaning ingredients.

These chemicals are corrosive to live tissue. Even at low concentrations which apparently is safe, (40%) the chemical continues to act as an irritant causing inflammation.


Something that grates me is when tests are done they are generally done one at a time but cleaning and hygiene products have a long list of ingredients AND everyone I know has more than one cleaning and hygiene product in their house.



Daily we are mixing a concoction of chemicals in our own homes. Some of it turns into gas so we don't see it we just breathe it. While other chemicals sit on our surfaces, so we regularly touch them with our skin.


The Result?


When we breathe these chemicals in we: 

- are breathing in a toxin.

- our liver has to break it down and flush it.


The chemicals are corrosive so they will

- damage the lining of our lungs (asthma).

- destroy the GOOD bacteria in our gut (everything is linked to your gut).

And remember my previous Blog- you are what you ABSORB!


I see the after-effects on the skin as eczema, dermatitis & rosacea.

Common health issues that come with these skin disorders are IBS, asthma, sinus and allergies.


When we touch these chemicals with our skin, our

- natural barrier (skins protection from the environment) is compromised.

- small gaps may appear letting in antigens which will irritate and inflame the skin causing the same skin disorders named above.


Brands like Ecostore have made it super easy to remove such toxic chemicals out of your family home and even your business.


Want to WIN some Ecostore products?

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We must be realistic and acknowledge we cannot eliminate ALL toxic chemicals from our environment. However, by continuing to educate ourselves and make wise choices around nutrition, activity, hygiene and gut health we can be sure we are in the best position to nurture your optimal health and beauty.


I hope you are enjoying my holistic approach to beauty and health and continue to share what you are learning so we may all live a long, healthy and beautiful life.


Feel free to message me with any feedback and inquiries or  comment below :)















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