Livers Hold On Fat

January 11, 2016


Ladies please let me share with you the effect alcohol has on your livers ability to metabolise fat.


DEFINITION - Mosh Pit: Waiting Area

The liver works in 2 Phases;


PHASE ONE: Daytime

Fats, hormones, wastes, toxins and important vitamins enter the liver and are broken down.

Highly toxic waste will be broken down first and stored in the mosh pit while the liver continues breaking down the rest.

Alcohol will always be prioritized, because by the time it reaches the mosh pit, it has turned into ethanol which is highly poisonous.

Let me state that more clearly:


The liver will prioritise metabolism of alcohol OVER FAT BURNING, over removal of wastes & toxins AND over retrieving nutrients from food.

PHASE TWO: Throughout the Evening and When You Sleep.

Important nutrients for the body are stored or sent where needed and elimination of junk occurs.


Perfect :-)

UNLESS Alcohol has been consumed in the evening.........(ummm when else do we consume alcohol?)

So what do you think Liver does now?


Can it move into phase two and disperse nutrients and eliminate the days junk?



So what happens?

Poor Liver stays in Phase 1, working away all night long trying to remove the poison from your system.

You may wake up unable to sleep, because your liver is wide awake!

Worse still, Phase 2, elimination phase gets missed out. :-(


Liver STORES FAT, toxins & nutrients all together in your “mosh pit” (which will end up being deposited in your skin as fluid retention, cellulite, pimples, eczema, rosacea and......FAT.)


Poor Liver is exhausted and if you keep having that glass of wine or 3 at night, Liver will be on high alert constantly, it will become stressed and sluggish and YOU WILL NOT GET RESULTS.


Ladies I understand this is an incredibly hard change to make. Maybe understanding how your liver functions will help you make healthier choices.


I like to fill a wine glass with lots of ice and either sprite zero, chi, sparkling water or one of those new Oh! drinks while I'm makng dinner and chilling with Hubby in the evening.


Then I let my self indulge with my favourite champagne one night of the week.


Go On Try It, Your Liver AND WAIST Will Thank You For It x x x x

Tools to help your liver cope with alcohol:

Janesce Aperitif – Cleanses Liver, Blood, Kidneys and Bowels
Janesce AA Spray – Stress Resilience (Liver is stressed)
Dr Wrap Lymphatic Treatments

Bestow Oil – Unblocks elimination pathways
Bestow Be Cleansed Powder – Cleanses Liver and Strengthens Bowels
Lemon Water - Vitamin C
Organic Food
Alkaline Food
B Complex
Brazil Nuts


Take Care,


Simone Rose

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