.......and then I was skinny

January 5, 2016


Hello and welcome to 2016!


I trust you all enjoyed lazy days in the sun and social nights with your friends.


I have a dilemma...........and so do most of you.


My dilemma: I am too soft natured to give it you straight.


Your dilemma: You want to lose weight.




No more wrapping everything in cotton candy.


You want it so here it is.


Starting right now I will be posting a series of blogs about weight loss.


Here goes.....


Once upon a time I put on 26kg's, 2 were Ella, the rest was pure indulgence.


Until then I never appreciated how difficult and slooooooow the weight loss process is.


I would eat healthy and train hard for a week............still fat.


I would eat healthy and train hard for a month..................still fat!


I would feel humiliated and cry at the gym because there were mirrors everywhere showing all my bulges and cellulite.


I ate healthy, trained hard and had cellulite lymphatic treatments for 2 YEARS..............and then I was skinny.


After 2 years I was a size 10, 6 years later I'm a size 8.


So what I'm trying to say is it's not easy to lose weight. It takes real determination and a huge amount of self control.


Results will not be over night but they will happen if you are consistent.


Consistancy is my trick, my rule, my secret I hand over to you.


No fad diets and no quick fixes.


Simone Rose Weight Loss Essentials:


TASTY Nutrition / High veggie, high fat, high protein, low sugar, zero starch.

2 x High Intensity Circuit Weight Training sessions per week.

2 x High Intensity Interval Cardio sessions per week.

1 x Yoga/Balance or Stretch per week.

Plus walking.

Regular Lymphatic & Cellulite Treatments

LOW Alcohol, only one night per week...........yes seriously.

A Healthy Gut, digestive system & bowels: Kefir or Probiotic everyday, Bestow Oil & Bestow Cleanse Powder.

High Funtioning Liver


I will go through each of the above explaining why and what works for me starting tomorrow.


Feel free to post questions and comments as you require.


Below is a photo of me half way through my weight loss journey.


Many thanks,


Simone Rose





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