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July 30, 2019

Hi Ladies


Apologies this is a long overdue email to let you know what's new. 


Some of you have been lucky enough to meet My New LOVE, Mesoestetic.

Mesoestetic offers groundbreaking solutions for medical anti-aging skin care.


From firming & lifting, to brightening and clearing stubborn pigmentation. 


President of the New Zealand Beauty Therapy Association, Kim Ryan, chose to bring Mesoestetic to NZ after working in the industry for over 25 years with over 50 brands.


Kim’s scientific knowledge of skin and passion has me eager to use this product on myself and my clients to lead us into a new hemisphere of possibility when it comes to beautiful, youthful skin. 




Mesoestetic Winter Lift & Glow Facial $199

(60 mins)


I created this facial from a few of my favourite products. It leaves your skin baby smooth, lifted and super bright I promise.



For those of you who want more info here goes...


Includes: Modified Jessner Peel

Proteoclycan Lifting Ampoule

Lipid Repairing Massage Cream

Hydra Factor Vital K Mask 


Modified Jessner Peel  - This is a gentle peel containing;

Salicylic Acid which will renew & hydrate the surface.

Lactic Acid hydrates and firms the surface as well as the deeper layers 75-90%.

Citric Acid a gentle chemical exfoliation & powerful antioxidant.


Proteoglycan Lifting Ampoule

Proteoglycans for tightening.

Vit C for brightening the skin and promoting collagen production.

Vit F to remove redness.


Hydra-Vital Face Mask - Intensive moisturising & revitalising mask containing:

Hyaluronic Acid for plumping and firming.

DNA a regenerating agent.

Vitamins C & E



Ultimate Slimming 3 in 1



Simone Rose (ME!!) combines 3 of the world’s top slimming treatments to shrink, smooth, tighten and tone your beautiful self.

In one session you will feel an immense difference because all 3 treatments are targeting cellulite, fat metabolism, fluid retention and firming.


1. Endermologie is a manual breakdown of cellulite and toxins trapped in the fatty tissue. Endermologie breaks down the barrier releasing the waste so it can be cleared by the body.





2. Mesoestetic Body Shock Wrap is a 100% custom blend of active serums and masks that heat the fatty tissue, further dissolving any barrier, then breaking down cellulite, burning fat, enhancing lymphatic drainage and firming the skin.



3. Simone Rose Full Body Lymphatic Drainage Suit has 12 chambers of air pressure that pulse from your toes to your chest, flushing your system removing the waste that was broken down by Endermologie and Mesoestetic Body Shock Wrap.


August Special $300 plus free LED face treatment while you relax in the Lymphatic Drainage Suit.

I'm super proud of these treatments I have created and I know they will be popular so make sure you book in asap or you may miss out :-)


Pamper you soon ladies xxxx


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