and After!

"After struggling with skin problems for 2 years and having no success at healing, I am so thankful that I found Simone!

I knew I wanted to find a natural way of healing myself and Simone had the answers.

After my initial consultation with Simone I felt so much anxiety lift off my shoulders. She really listened to me and was very understanding about the problems I was having and how my skin was affecting me mentally and emotionally. I knew I was in safe and healing hands.

Simone has taught me so much about my skin and how to care for it both internally and externally. She is extremely knowledgeable and her passion for helping and healing others shines through in everything that she does.

Throughout my journey Simone was there for me every step of the way, providing support, encouragement and patience.

I am so excited when I know my next appointment is coming up. Her studio is beautiful and her treatments leave me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Simone has a professional, warm and friendly approach and always makes me feel comfortable"

Louisa Pridham


and After!

"Simone has been incredibly genuine from the beginning of my journey, when I went to her with full blown hormonal adult acne as a 23 year old female and continues to support and educate me. All the natural Janesce products have been hugely successful in completely curing and healing my tormenting acne!"

Kirsten Ratu


and After!

"Simone looks at the whole picture to get you results. With detailed care and constant follow up from Simone my hands are the best they have been in many years. I am so thankful."

Natalia Ward



"I came to Simone after suffering for 2 years with a terrible skin disorder.  I had been down an expensive, frustrating and time consuming path seeing different specialists but with absolutely no results. There were plenty of clinics offering a pharmaceutical drug to fix the problem and as desperate as I was to have clear skin,  I didn't want to compromise my immune system even further by using anything harsh which would have other side effects.  When a friend told me about Simone, I booked to see her immediately.  Simone was so professional, but also extremely kind and patient, she really listened to my health history and explained to me the link between gut health and skin health, she showed me how to have healthy skin, we needed to start from the inside and work out. I had cut out a lot of known allergens in my diet to try to improve my skin, but Simone advised that I needed to add some things back into my diet, such as good fats. She also introduced me to the beautiful Janesce and Bestow skincare range (which is fantastic as it's all natural!).  In less than 3 months since my initial consultation with Simone, my skin has improved dramatically.  I actually can't believe how in such a short space of time I've seen such huge results!  I thoroughly recommend Simone to anyone who is experiencing troubled skin and who wants to achieve glowing results!"

Shirani Barron


"I have been going to Simone for 2-3 years now, mostly for facials, skincare and massage – I highly recommend her as she is thoughtful, caring and thoroughly professional. The skincare regime and products have improved my complexion and facials are both relaxing and beneficial. Herbal tea in pretty cups, options for healthy food ideas and chats about exercise help me stay motivated as Simone patiently encourages me to keep treating myself well. Regarding Simone’s massage skills – I’m hard to please in this area as I play sport, am busy and often in need of strong, discerning hands – which is why I keep coming back!"

Sharon Taylor

"Simone is an expert skin care specialist, and she knows a lot about fitness and nutrition which I think go hand in hand with optimum beauty. I’ve been using her Janesce products for about 2 years now and within that time I have noticed a big difference in the hydration and condition of my skin. I have suffered from dry and eczema prone skin most of my life, so I'm always very cautious when trying new products. Janesce feels and smells so luxurious, it revives my skin; I can’t leave the house without it now. Thanks for all your help Simone!"

Caroline Rollo

"You can be assured when you have any treatment with Simone that you will not only leave feeling beautiful but also so calm & relaxed. Simone gives you her full attention in a lovely surrounding. I have used both Janesce & Xcell products & love them."

Debbie, Campbell's Bay

"Before I met Simone, my skin was very sensitive and reacting even to some of the 'natural' skin ranges. With Janesce, and specific protocols Simone has prescribed, my skin got more resilient, while looking the best it's ever been, all without harsh chemicals or strong perfumes (a really important factor for me, as I am very sensitive to artificial fragrances). And what I love about Simone the most is that she understands the importance of nutrition and exercise for skin health and general wellbeing. I find Simone's facials so relaxing and pleasant, I will sometimes doze off! I always leave feeling rested and restored, with my skin aglow."

Biljana, Personal Trainer, Club Physical, Birkenhead

"Facials are luxurious. Such an amazing pampered experience. Well worth every cent."

Siala Uepa-Holmes

"Simone is fantastic for deep tissue sports massage for tired bodies going through the rigours of getting in shape."


"Simone has a real talent for pampering the soul. She always gives 100% attention to ensuring you receive first class experience. I love my treatments..........only wish I could have them every week."

Shelley Tromp

"Simone's guidance along with the use of Janesce products has repaired, stabilised and now maintained my skin. As for her massages 10/10 truly the best I have ever had!!!! Thank you ever so much" :-)

Sharon Bloem

"Simone has always made me and my girlfriends feel welcome in her presence. She has a natural ability to make you feel happy and comfortable. Would highly recommend!!!"

Mikayla xxx

"Her facials are just amazing!! Her treatments leave you feeling heavenly & this is not only because of what she is using but her genuine care when servicing you. Simone Rose is someone who is really passionate about helping people. You see this in her product choice, feel this through her facials & massage & as she gifts you with her ever growing knowledge. Do I recommend Simone Rose? You betcha. Xx"

Allamanda Eugene

"I have been to Simone a few times for my tight muscles from a busy life and sport. It has always been amazing. Nice environment and very professional. Definitely visit again!"



"Simone is my favourite massage therapist every Thursday. It's all about me!"

Van Dizon Personal Trainer Les Mills Takapuna

"Simone is a lovely professional who keeps a very tidy and clean practice. I've had massages at many different places but nothing compares to the experience with Simone. She is a wealth of knowledge on exactly where the muscle problem is and does her best to relieve the pain and tension. I recommend her to anyone looking for a relaxing or deep tissue massage."

Mel Chalmers

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